Thursday, December 03, 2009

Woman Recounts Caledonia Terror Experiences In Court




One woman, her life ruined, is suing those responsible who weren't responsible at all.
Court continued to hear of incidents of intimidation, harassment and attacks endured by Ms. Chatwell and her family since members of the nearby Six Nations reserve seized the 70-acre construction site, where a residential subdivision was being built, as part of a larger land claims grievance.

There was a snake put in their mailbox, mail went missing, a letter was dropped off saying the writer wished she would get cancer, fireworks were shot at her house, nails strewn along the length of their driveway and natives repeatedly threatened the family, including threats that her son would be hurt at school.

They were kept awake many nights by loud noises, drumming and spotlights shining in their windows; Canadian flags were stolen from their property and Mohawk Warrior flags hung in their place; none of it was stopped by police, court heard.


It has all robbed her of any enjoyment of their dream home, where Ms. Chatwell grew up with her half-native stepsisters.
And this is happening in Canada. In Dalton McGuinty's Liberal-ruled Ontario.

Isn't it nice that we let Aboriginal folks do anything they want, legal and illegal, no problem at all? The "righting past wrongs", "white guilt" political correctness thing's certainly creating an everything-goes-if-you're-a-"Native" paradise for these supremacists/terrorists, ain't it?

Imagine how much fun it would be to be a "Native". You can make a decent living breaking the law, selling contraband smokes, drugs, etc. You can go around terrorizing white folks just for the hell of it, no problem- the cops won't give a shit. You can destroy public property and get away with it. Yup. Fuuuuun to be a "Native". So why the hell are they complaining? I mean, what have they got to complain about? We let 'em do everything they want!

Incredible! Talk about being above the law just because you've got a certain ancestral heritage, as if that means feck-all! Clearly, that is racism!

This woman's Charter rights were ignored by the state apparatus.


Because the state apparatus is racist.