Friday, December 04, 2009

Militant UN-Copenhagen Conference Arrogantly Refuses WND Access

It's clear that, no matter what, these crazy, conspiratorial, criminal crooks are determined to blacklist World Net Daily, and that, having their original excuses completely debunked, nevertheless are digging in and determined to bar World Net Daily from simply covering Copenhagen.

The UN has previously accredited WND's Jerome Corsi to cover its stuff. Mr. Corsi is a veteran journalist who's written two NYT-bestselling books.

But this time they're saying to stay away.

And they're obviously paranoid, referring to a "reaction from certain quarters", without saying what they mean.

What are they hiding?

do they fear?

Farah confirmed that as a result of the U.N. decision, Corsi probably would be unable to travel to Copenhagen for the event and instead would remain in the United States to address the issue of freedom of the press.

Farah also confirmed the legal remedies now will need to include a public apology from the U.N., damages for the hindrance to the organization's ability to report on news of a major global event, written assurance that the news agency never again will be denied access to U.N. events and an unequivocal statement that the U.N. considers the free press a vital institution in any free society.

In a commentary column about the issue, Farah wrote, "It's evident the U.N. is pulling out all the stops for a major global power grab in Copenhagen – and they don't want any impartial witnesses around to report its shenanigans."

Seems to me that they're afraid of a Free Press for a Free People, which is how WND describes itself. They're afraid of frank, comprehensive, no-censorship reporting.

It's also rather astonishing that they're going forward with this thing, in light of the fact that it's all been completely debunked and discredited, demonstrated as a deception, a delusion, a fraud, an international criminal conspiracy of unprecedented historic magnitude.

And the Big Old Media has yet again exposed itself as biased and agenda-obsessed by, for many days now, ignoring the ClimateGate scandal which is growing in prominence at astonishing speed despite the Big Old Media's de-facto deliberate, obviously-ordered-by-the-Big-Old-Media Powers-that-Be, embargo on any mention whatsoever thereof. Only now are they forced to grudgingly, reluctantly make passing mention. Deja vu, eh, reminiscent of the refusal to report on the Van Jones extremism exposure, on the ACORN and the CAIR undercover civilian sting operations that will ultimately lead to their abolition. The Big Old Media is shooting itself in both feet by demonstrating their deliberate choices to hide big, critically important stuff from The People. It's as if they're nothing more than Propagandists.

It's also about imposing world government, bit by bit, agreement by agreement, each time with our national governments ceding sovereignty to the Axis-of-Evil-controlled "United Nations", which, as we open-eyed, sharp-minded folks know, is a criminal organization masquerading as something legitimate and credible.

Clearly, the UN is doing all it can to prevent impartial, free press coverage. Clearly, the UN wants to keep as few of The People as possible from coming to realize the nature and magnitude of the global criminal conspiracy currently moving forward like a speeding locomotive.

Yes, it IS a conspiracy.

Only a lazy-minded dupe will be impressed by the Left's use of "conspiracy theorist" as a slur, as if recognition of obvious collaboration and collusion with a view to commission of a crime, a con, was somehow evidence of insanity, which it isn't. To recognize ClimateGate as what it is, proof of conspiracy, is to recognize and understand reality as it unfolds before one's very wide-open, astonished, angry eyes.

To be in denial of that which is obvious due to the preponderance of observed facts that all point towards a single possible conclusion... well, we're talking insanity, denial, delusion, on the part of those who practice projection, point fingers and scream, "Look! A conspiracy theorist! There are no conspiracies, never have been, as they're impossible! People can't possibly, and never, ever have, ever conspired together to defraud, deceive, and cheat people out of their money in a con...!"

Just witness Al Gore demonstrate his hellbent insanity...

Mind you, he's pretending that there's no such thing as ClimateGate, which exposes him as nothing but a con artist of global, historical magnitude.

(Emphasis mine)

He said that a system of carbon emissions trading was a more realistic first step on this path and rejected criticism from James Hansen, the pioneering climate change scientist at Nasa, who has condemned both Mr Gore and the Copenhagen meeting for their focus on carbon markets as a solution to climate change.

Mr Gore said: “The correct policy response will include both of these powerful tools. But the degree of political difficulty associated with a carbon tax is a degree of difficulty much higher than the cap and trade approach.”

He also brushed aside questions over the reliability of climate science that have followed the publication last month of leaked e-mails between climate experts. He claimed that the scientific consensus around climate change “continues to grow from strength to strength”. He added: “The naysayers are in a sunset phase with a spectacular climax just before they subside from view. This is a race between common sense and unreality.”

He's right. It IS a "race between common sense and unreality".

Of course, in his mind, he's got it all ass-backwards.

Those who've been following all the coverage by those independent, free and impartial press who dare to speak the REAL inconvenient truth know, from seeing all the evidence, including in the exposed, devastating emails from the Number One "Scientists" in the GW/CC controversy, that there is, indeed, a conspiracy going on.

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Und heer iz ein LOLArnie capshund picshur...

...und zis ihz vhat ihz gunter huppen in ze hundred yearz in ze fucuhur in 'Frizco, yah knov, vhen ze Terminatorz rool ze vahturvuhrld... Zee zis? Zat zere iz Treazhur Izhland, vhich vill den be zubmerged, ya knov, a vahturvuhrld, jus' like ze moowie... Hay! Iz zat a barbell ower zere? Me vahnt pump iron nov!

Sheesh, Arnie... why don't you just come from the future and terminate everybody to "save the world"?

I know what Arnold is doing. Because I've studied the guy's ways. He's not above having ethical lapses and deceiving people, for one thing... like when he defeated Sergio Oliva the second time they met on the posing platform (Sergio kicked his ass the first time). Arnold said to Sergio at one point, more or less, "I'm tired, gonna call it a day and get off the platform now. You go first and I'll follow." Well, Sergio walked off and Arnold stayed and posed, and won.

Then there was the time he went up against Frank Zane, who also defeated him the first time around, by saying something funny to Frank and making him laugh so he couldn't pose... but through it all Arnold was posing like a madman... and won that meet.

Sorry, Arnie... this time your deception isn't going to work.

Real life imitates science fiction... or at least pretends to.