Friday, September 16, 2005

Another Big Liberal Scam... Hello?

This has been bothering me all day. The other day I wrote a post about what I believe to be something of the magnitude of Adscam, if not larger, in monetary terms.

The Cnews article to which I referred has disappeared suddenly this morning. The other news sites of the MSM have nothing at all on this troubling information.

I have seen this sort of thing many times over the years. A report or two making the Liberal Party of Canada look extremely bad comes out, and then... absolutely nothing. What happened? Did the long arm of the Prime Minister's Office reach out threateningly all over the place, causing all to fall silent on the story? I've been scanning the MSM sites, but no joy on the story whatsoever. Scanned a few blogsites, but again nothing.

I could be somehow wrong, but I believe it's better to say something about a matter of potentially grave concern than to timidly stay silent out of fear of mortal humiliation. What if there's something to it? Why, just read the Cnews article as linked above! Decide for yourselves.

Whenever something comes out making Conservatives look bad, the MSM cannot shut up to save its life. Remember the Grewal tapes exposing the Liberal behavior wrt... oops, whatever happened to Andrew Coyne, I wouldn't want to happen to me, as I have no idea how horribly he may have been treated... anyway, the MSM cared not a whit about accuracy, but rather of making Mr. Grewal, CPC Leader Stephen Harper and the entire CPC look bad. All the so-called "experts" claiming the tapes were fakes, but without proof thereto... the nonevent at the airport with a package that already passed security anyway... and so on... see what I mean?

As I said on the last post on this matter, if something's left up to the MSM, if it's their job to inform the people of important or potentially important facts, then often, if the Liberals would be politically hurt by the information, we learn little or nothing of it. It was bloggers who brought down Dan Rather and exposed Liberal wrongdoing by forcing the MSM to take real notice and do its job. I am hoping perhaps the blognet will do its job this time as well.

Has anyone any information to share on the Industry Canada "audits" of improper payments to intermediaries, as we saw in Adscam? Remember, it's in this post.


TonyGuitar said...

Comment about this a bit later.

Time to say, you are no slouch.
When your site can be easily found on Google and Yahoo. You will have visitors galore.


Places to refer to your new site.
But, you knew that.. eh? TG

Canadian Sentinel said...

Yup, I pretty much knew that. Heh, you forgot BendGovt!

Wish Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin had some interest in us eskimos up north... :-)

TonyGuitar said...

Knew that eh? Did you know about a free thesis on the bogosphere?

It's 145 pages, very good and its free.

a link thanks to


Thesis author is the very generous James Torio.

I could't put it down. Enjoy 73s TG

Canadian Sentinel said...

Thanks, TG. Will check it out.

Thesis, hmm? 145 pgs? Must've been the highlight of Mr. Torio's time at university.

The highlight of mine was actually sort of blogging like this for a course way back in '95... got an A+...