Wednesday, July 31, 2013

No Surprise: Elections Canada Finds Liberals Break Law, Does Nothing About It

If it had been Conservatives who refused to obey the law, Elections Canada would've already been on the phone with the cops long ago.  Even if it wasn't a police matter.  They'd try and make it one anyway.  Because Elections Canada, we know quite well by now, is hardly ever fair to Conservatives.  Too many left-wingers in that state apparatus node, like in all nodes.  Can't McCarthy 'em all overnight, can we, eh?

But since it's LIBERALS who refuse to obey the law, well, Elections Canada just shrugs, says, well, they're scrofflaws, okay... and then... nothing.

More legislation to fix it?  Huh???

I got a better idea.


And the current Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, well, he's so enjoying the unbearable lightness of being light in the head that he's just throwing himself down some stairs and loving it...

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