Saturday, February 02, 2013

True Alarming Stats: Employment in US Continuously Evaporating At Dangerous Rate

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Did you know that the percentage of the U.S. labor force that is employed has continually been falling since 2006 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics?  Did you know that the increase in the number of Americans "not in the labor force" during Barack Obama's first four years in the White House was more than three times greater than the increase in the number of Americans "not in the labor force" during the entire decade of the 1980s?  The mainstream media would have us believe that 157,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy in January.  Based on that news, the Dow broke the 14,000 barrier for the first time since October 2007.  But if you actually look at the "non-seasonally adjusted" numbers, the number of Americans with a job actually decreased by 1,446,000 between December and January.  But nowhere in the mainstream media did you hear that the U.S. economy lost more than 1.4 million jobs between December and January.  It is amazing the things that you can find out when you actually take the time to look at the hard numbers instead of just listening to the media spin.  Back in 2007, more than 146 million Americans were employed.  Today, only 141.6 million Americans are employed even though our population has grown steadily since then.  When the government and the media tell you that we are in a "recovery" and that unemployment is lower than it was a couple of years ago, I encourage you to dig deeper.  The truth is that even the government's own numbers tell us that the percentage of the U.S. labor force that is employed continues to fall and that the U.S. economy is heading into a recession.  The Obama administration and the media have been lying to you about unemployment and about the true condition of our economy.  After you see the numbers that I have compiled in this article, I think that you will agree with me.

Hard-Left-Wing, socialistic economic policies are continuously destroying the American economy and throwing people out of work en masse, and manipulative, selective number-picking by the media and the state apparatus can't fool the people for too long, because they know that things are worse in reality than they're being told... much, much worse, and steadily worsening.

What if I told you that there's been a steadily deepening depression in America for many years now, and you're being told the opposite?  Would you believe it's possible to actually fool millions and millions of people into thinking things are getting better rather than worse?

Isn't it amazing how the media can fool the masses so easily?

Such is, after all, what can happen when the masses depend on what they're TOLD in order to gather information about the world around them.  If they're being fed lies, how do they know, if they don't care to verify or debunk what they're being told?

Worse yet is the reality that many people never learned to think for themselves, to gather and analyze observable hard evidence independently so as to have a reliable view and understanding of reality.

It's funny in a terrible way that terminal rock bottom must first be perceptibly, undeniably hit before it becomes impossible to fool enough people anymore.

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