Monday, July 23, 2012

Beyond All Doubt: Obama BC Proven Fake

Mystery of the "phantom handwritten code numbers" solved, proving forgery

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The "mainstream" media is forbidden to tell you this, so don't hold your breath for them.  Only the New Media, particularly, can and will tell you.  No wonder WND has been blacklisted by the DNC, forbidden to cover the Convention.  And no wonder the Obama-Democrat regime is spying on its founder at his property way out in the country... with a flying drone.

“We discovered that the procedure for the department of health was to take a birth certificate, check it for accuracy and then code it with numerical values in some of the fields, such as ‘fathers race’ or ‘type of business or employment,’” Zullo explained. “They would take these numerical values that have designators to identify that information, then the federal government would take that information and put those numerical values on magnetic tape for their own census information.”

Zullo explained that before a birth certificate was accepted and filed, it was double-checked for accuracy and the handwritten codes supplied to the federal government for demographic and birth statistics.

The number 9 marked in the box containing Obama’s father’s race, however, presents a problem.

“The values were curious,” Zullo told Klein. “If you look at Mr. Obama Sr.’s race, the box says ‘African,’ and that’s always been a point of contention, because in the ’60s ‘African’ wasn’t a race designator. Next to it is the number 9. We learned the statistical codings in the 1960s for the federal government – and actually through the remainder of the decade – number 9 stands for unstated or information not supplied.”

Therefore, Zullo explained, when the number 9 shows up, there wouldn’t have been anything entered into the field, not “African” or “Black” or “Negro” – it would have been left blank.

The same anomaly appears in the field for the father’s “kind of business or industry”: It’s marked with a 9, so it ought to be blank, but contains the word “University.”


∞ ≠ ø said...

....and there it is.
Well then, who wants pie?

The best information I ever uncovered came from a site I can no longer find. It also had testimony based on what an old Hawaii State employee said. The microfiche of the birth certificate was removed from the file in the event the holder became a citizen of a different country (or was never present if there was no hospital birth). The rest of the data remained on a COLB for the record.

Both line up perfectly. He can't get a copy of the microfiche because it has been destroyed or never existed. They altered the info boxes because Barack Sr. isn't his daddy. Not hard to believe given his behavior toward his supposed relatives and, of course, the phenotype dissimilarities.

I think Barack's daddy was the warehouse man in the furniture store. The rest... heh.. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, a construct of an elitist family.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You must be crazy.

No one wants to read of this.

You have to be an incredible racist, homophobe, sexist, ageist, and any and every other -ist imaginable.

The Truth?

America and the globe can't HANDLE the truth.