Tuesday, June 26, 2012

EXPOSED: Environmentalism Abandoned, Global Statism Affirmed. New Excuse Sought.

Spies at U.N. ‘green’ confab expose red agenda

Monckton recited what his spies discovered of the ICLEI members: “They were saying to each other, ‘We can no longer talk about Agenda 21 in the context of the environment because the environment, thanks to those dirty skeptics, has become a dirty word. … We won’t be able to win the argument if we talk about the environment anymore. We can’t talk about climate change because even we have to admit it’s not happening as they said. We can’t talk about green issues, because, frankly, in the West the environment is largely quite well regulated altogether, and it’s just been vastly overblown.’

“They themselves were saying this!” Monckton proclaimed. “They were saying we cannot justify an environmental agenda – which is what Agenda 21 is supposed to be – in environmental terms.

“This is an extraordinary admission,” Monckton said. “What they should have done, therefore, is to say that we don’t need Agenda 21, but of course they do need it … because their real ambition has nothing whatever to do with the environment.”

Hmm.  Ok, what is their real ambition, then?

 “These people said among themselves – they didn’t realize we were listening – that they’re encouraging each other no longer to use the word ‘environment,’ no longer to talk about ‘climate change,’ because, they said to each other, ‘We know now that the people are not buying this message anymore. We’ll have to think of something else.’”

Hmm.  Ok, what will they think of next, as an excuse for deceptively sneaking in and imposing their real, hidden agenda?

Monckton told Liberty News Network that he first learned of a Marxist agenda behind environmentalism – using a “green” scare to create an international, socialist, ruling body to force capitalist nations into compliance – when he befriended Eric Ellington, one of the founders of Greenpeace.


It's about international socialist fascism.  Not the "environment".

What bogus excuse do you think they'll replace the bogus environmental excuse with?

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∞ ≠ ø said...

Targeted market destabilization coupled with, social justice, water rights / desalinization, food purity (no GMOs)and fortification (iron), nationalization of oil industries, aid for Africa so the Chinese can have a healthy labor force, global health initiatives (eugenics), nuclear fairness (proliferation), asteroid awareness, fishing moratoriums, lemming redirection initiative, work place mental health standards, cloud borne bacteria / virus awareness,.. all with a big helping of aesthetics so we can worship beauty... oh yea, think about what they can do with that.