Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Is Communism and totalitarianism now going to end in China?

Democracy in China... finally?


A very reliable source has just given me the following:

According to a high-level source in Beijing, key leaders in the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Politburo have reached four points of consensus that will be announced on or around the 18th Party Congress. The tenor of the decision is that China will take the path of democracy. The news has been circulated hurriedly in Beijing.

According to the source, the four points of consensus are:

1. People from all walks of life, political parties, and social organizations should send representatives to form a preparatory committee for a new constitution. They will draft a new constitution that protects the rights of citizens to freely form associations and political parties.

2. It will be announced that the Chinese Communist Party has finished its historical mission as the ruling party. Party membership will need to be re-registered, with the free choice to re-enter the Party or leave it.

3. “June 4,” Falun Gong, and all groups who have been wrongly persecuted in the process of devoting themselves to China’s realization of democracy will be redressed and receive compensation.

4. The military will be nationalized.

As of this moment, the report hasn't yet been fully verified, but I will be monitoring...


∞ ≠ ø said...

Isn't it amazing to watch how the Obama administration abandoned Chen Guangcheng in his hour of desperate need. They used diplomatic channels to expose him and left him hanging.


"The embassy kept lobbying me to leave and promised to be with me at the hospital,”

Even "The Daily Beast" cried foul!


It was China that stepped forward with an opportunity to "complete the formalities" to study abroad.


Guangcheng had already attained a standing invitation to study at NYU's US-Asia law institute, from Dr. Jerome A. Cohen, a preemptive move which further indicates the Obama administration and State Department had dropped the baton or, more likely, threw it away.


The fellowship which would cover Guangcheng and his family to come to the U.S., was considered as the best course of action before Guangcheng was pressured to leave the embassy by U.S. officials.

Meanwhile, the U.S. press, much like China's, was not reporting the truth. Thanks to twitter, we now know that the Obama administration attempted to feed this guy to the lions out of expedience. Obama, once again, reveals that he is a genuine bastard.

glacierman said...

Interesting to see that China is stepping up to become the World's next Super-power, and they didn't even have to fire a shot from a gun (excluding all their own internal "corrections"), didn't go to military war, or drop a bomb.

Obama just handed them the golden scepter, or should I say, threw it at them.

The historians will be studying this for a long time.