Monday, December 07, 2009

No Progress For Women's Equality In Afghanistan

Story here.

Again one must wonder why we're there. The politics of the war, it's all pure B.S. We're not doing what it takes to wipe out the Taliban. And we're not demanding (backing it up with promises to pull out just like that, completely, leaving Karzai to sweat and mess his shorts, if he wears any, in fear of his incipient dethroning) progress on human rights, including women's equality. We're letting them continue to do whatever they want, as if our political leadership really couldn't care less.

Might as well just go home, and, should they send more trainees to attack us, then just carpet-bomb everywhere the Taliban gather, wipe out their infrastructure, etc. So what? We're not ensuring the welfare of the Afghan People in the long run, anyway, and are just kidding ourselves by building schools, hospitals, etc. because we know that the Islamofascists will just ruin it all over again for the People once we're gone, for it's all that corrupt, including President Karzai, who's a master of Taqiyya and "diplomacy" and media relations.

Besides, as the Left would say, "Who are we to impose our values onto them?"...

That's the thing. If we're not willing to impose freedom, democracy, the rule of democratically-originated, man-made law and human rights onto this horrific Islamic theocracy against the will of the Islamofascists, then we're wasting our time, money, and warriors' rights. It was noble when we believed we'd make a difference, but now it's clear that, due to political ball-lessness, we will not be after all. If we're not willing to guarantee, by forceful imposition, a better future for the People of Afghanistan, then let's go home.