Tuesday, December 08, 2009

No Evidence? So Let SEALS Go!

The Obamacrat Regime has provided NO evidence to justify its charging Navy SEALS with supposedly hitting a terrorist mastermind they captured.

Like, WTF?

The Obamacrat Reich is treating U.S. soldiers like they treat Al Qaeda and Taliban detainees.

There's no reason to withhold evidence in this case, if indeed there's any. Of course, the only "evidence" there seems to be is the say-so of The Enemy Himself that he'd been "punched". Oh, boo-hoo! The big, bad, fearless Muslim's crying that the mean Americans punched him, and the Obamacrat Reich takes him seriously, and treats the SEALS as if they were terrorists themselves? Bizarre!

I mean, you know, the police punch American citizens when making arrests. They also electrocute 'em, pepper-spray 'em and clobber 'em with clubs. And the cops don't get in trouble most of the time, because, after all, sometimes force must be used in making arrests, just like when soldiers capture the enemy, as in war!

No wonder people say the Obamacrats hate America.