Monday, December 07, 2009

Harry Reid Proves Self Lunatic Demagogue

Incredible. He's a member of the Party of Slavery and the Party of the Ku Klux Klan.

And he's claiming that the Party of Lincoln, the Great Emancipator of the Slaves, would've supported slavery.

Incredible. Just incredible.

Insanely desperate demagoguery.

That's Senator Harry Reid.
The Nevada Democrat, in a sweeping set of accusations on the Senate floor, also compared health care foes to those who opposed women's suffrage and the civil rights movement -- even though it was Sen. Strom Thurmond, then a Democrat, who unsuccessfully tried to filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and it was Republicans who led the charge against slavery.
What a piece of shi...

Those Obamacrats just keep on getting crazier and crazier as they become ever-more-desperate to impose all sorts of things onto Americans that the majority of Americans don't want.

The Obamacrats are extremely frightening extremists. And dangerous.

Nothing good is going to come of this regime. Nothing.