Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Debunking Copenhagen's Lies With Proof

Those greedy, unscrupulous, elite, wealthy conspirators at HopenChangen Copenhagen claim that the world's been warming, that "it's been proven". These big liars include none other than the Pinocchio-nosed bigwig of the so-called "United Nations".

They're lying. We know this, because of the undeniable, devastating ClimateGate.

And because of this undeniable inconvenient truth.

As for the climate changing, well, if one considers it becoming colder and snowier all over the world, then, sure, there's climate change. But it's the OPPOSITE of the kind of change they're claiming!

Besides, throughout the Earth's history, the climate has changed. Over and over and over again. There is no question, no dispute as to this. It's proven; hindsight science is soundest, whereas future-predicting science is iffy at best and utterly worthless when based on bias, crappy programming code that obviously includes "fudging" algorithma and illegal manipulation to suit a political agenda.