Wednesday, December 02, 2009

ClimateGate Denier Boxer Wants Whistleblowers, Not Fraudsters, Investigated

Barbara Boxer. Kind of a scary cross between Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, ain't she?

Senator Barbara Boxer, "Democrat".

This is illogical.

Barbara Boxer wants to have the whistleblowers who exposed the climate "scientists" agenda of fraud, data manipulation and lying to protect a political agenda.

But what harm do the whistleblowers do, when the harm from those "scientists" telling these monstrous lies and destroying the evidence upon which they claim it's based can be calculated in the billions, if not trillions, of dollars. It's an international crime of historic magnitude.

The whistleblowers are, after all, justified in doing what they're doing. Sometimes it takes fire to fight fire. Sometimes you've got to break a little tiny law to expose folks who are doing far, far, far, infinitely worse. It's a serious game after all, and the Big Guys are playing dirty, so...

You know, I support the little-guy underdogs, the whistleblowers.

Yet Barbara Boxer doesn't want the Big Liars to be probed criminally. Just those who exposed them.

What's more important, going after the Big Guys, or the little guys who expose their massive corrution and conspiracy to defraud the Free World out of potentially trillions of dollars?

Why is it a worse crime to expose any crime of any magnitude of seriousness?

Hmm. Apparently Barbara Boxer herself is on the same side as the fraudsters. Why else would she say, "Get the little guys! They're ruining our scam!"

Big surprise, eh, the Obamacrat Reich doesn't want to go after the ClimateGate fraudsters. After all, they're on the same side, just as they're on the same side as the criminal-organization ACORN, which they refuse to investigate despite the evidence giving them every reason to do so.

Funny how Leftists don't want the law to apply to them, but they want to use the law to destroy those who dare to dissent, especially when they provide concrete evidence that essentially spells the beginning of the incipient end of the Great Global Warming Swindle.

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Oh, and, I believe it bears mentioning something about the Tiger Woods thing.

Here's what I have to say...

Who cares? People behave badly all the time. These particular people don't affect you and me. They're irrelevant. Not important.

There's more important stuff to closely examine and analyze. Such as the substance (which is important) of this post.