Saturday, December 05, 2009

Canada's Massive Job Creation In November

Compared to the ridiculously-spun-as-positive LOSS in Obamerica of 11,000 more jobs, Canada, with only a tenth of America's population, created a whopping, and wholly unexpected-by-"experts", 79,000 new jobs in November.

AND this despite the fact that very little, a one-digit-percentage's-worth of the allocated-and-"commited" "stimulus" spending budget funds of sixty-odd-billion in borrowed dollars, has been spent so far.

See? The Left and the Leftist "economic experts" (kind of like those "scientists" who've been exposed as liars and frauds wrt global warming/climate change) who fearmongered that we needed deficit-spending Keynesian government interventionism to save the country from a depression (some depression- it was just a quick, albeit strong, recession!).

Clearly, the Harper Conservatives were right in the first place when, during the 2008 election campaign, they said that they didn't have to do anything much, certainly not go deeply into the red as the Three Stooges' Usurpation Coalition demanded they do, to copy the Obamacrat Reich.

We're now hearing that the Tory government is telling the potential recipients of the "stimulus" funds to "use it or lose it" in a short time frame.

I say let 'em lose it. They snooze, they lose. And the taxpayers and the federal fiscal health picture will all benefit massively. Then the deficit will shrink dramatically, as will the projected hike in the size of the debt.

I do see a pretty shrewd strategy on the part of the Tories. I predict some pleasant surprises in the offing.

I think that the Tories have wisely been telling the Big Old Media, which guillibly believed every negative warning, that the worst is in the offing, whilst the Tories are really most probably standing to deliver far better than the public expectations created by the clever manipulation of the mass perception of the big picture.

Lower the expectations and deliver much better than expected.

Underpromise and overdeliver.

So guillible, the Big Old Media and the so-called "experts". You see, it's the same strategy as predicting a "balanced budget" whilst really expecting a surprising surplus. Of course, it's prudent, and helps to keep both expectations and demands low.

If we expected better, then what? Certainly many would be demanding more spending, and that's no good, putting such pressure onto the government, whom the Leftist Opposition might again blackmail into acquiescence.

I love it when the Harper Conservatives fool the Leftist Opposition and the Big Old Media into calming down and shutting up (a little, anyway).

We don't need to go so deeply into the red, and I'm glad that, so far, it looks like the dire predictions of a massively-hiked national debt actually might not come true at all, and that at least some of the borrowed funds might actually be used to pay down the debt, or be rolled into general revenues and used to grow and strengthen the Canadian Forces.

How do I figure this stuff? Ah, elementary my Dear Reader. Elementary, logical deduction based on observable facts and the use of the brain. Nope, not bragging; just providing an example. It's better to analyze reality onself than to let others tell one what's what, even those dubbed by the Big Old Media as "experts" who necessarily know whereof they speak, and wouldn't ever give us any B.S., just because they're "professional economists" and such.