Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Mayrand Breaking EC Rules?

The question is being raised in light of the fact that Elections Canada head honcho Marc Mayrand is being so lenient and forgiving of Liberal leadership candidates' failure to repay their campaign debts on time.

OTTAWA -- Conservatives questioned Stephane Dion's ability to handle the country's finances yesterday after Elections Canada released repayment schedules for $1.48 million in candidate loans from the Liberal leadership campaign.


Ottawa MP Pierre Poilievre not only criticized Dion, but jumped on Elections Canada for what he characterized as an overly forgiving timetable that may not even comply with the Canada Elections Act.

This is important because Mr. Mayrand has been accusing the Conservatives of wrongdoing, according to his own interpretation of the Elections Act, an interpretation that has led to a lawsuit against his agency and to his having ordered a surprising, suspicious, draconian raid on Conservative headquarters. Now we see Mr. Mayrand interpreting the rules in favor of the Liberals and being questioned as to whether his judgement is in compliance with the law at all.

Well, no time right now (hi-ho, I owe, 'tis off to work I go) to do the appropriate research on the legislation, but, if anyone wants to, you may consider it a fun little research assignment... if you do, let me know; the comments are there for your findings as well as your two cents' worth on the players and their words/actions in this continuing political drama.