Monday, October 05, 2009

Ousted Zelaya Spewing Conspiracy Theories About Jews

Manuel Zelaya, center, flanked by fellow neo-communist, Jew-hating despots Raoul Castro (Cuba) and Hugo Chavez (Venezuela)

Listen, this guy's a madman! A lunatic! A conspiracy theorist! A Judeophobe!

This guy's as cracked as Hitler was. Blaming everything on The Joooos.

Why the hell does the Left support this crackpot dictator-wannabe?

Can't they see why he was removed from power, legally, constitutionally, and according to a Supreme Court order?


The U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League cited statements made by ousted President Manuel Zelaya as well as the news director of a radio station that was closed by the interim government in Honduras and by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, among others.

Most of the comments repeat widely circulated rumors that Israeli soldiers _ or in some versions, mercenaries _ worked with the troops backing interim President Roberto Micheletti, allegedly supplying some form of tear gas used at the embassy and providing other assistance.

The interim government, which came to power after the military arrested Zelaya and flew him to exile in Costa Rico on June 28, has denied receiving any Israeli help or using any tear gas at the embassy. Journalists who have covered the political crisis say they have not seen any sign of Israeli involvement.

The Jewish group also criticized Chavez for claiming at the United Nations that Israel is the only country to recognize the coup-installed government, something Micheletti's administration has denied.


"We know from history that at times of turmoil and unrest, Jews are a convenient scapegoat," ADL national director Abraham H. Forman said in a statement released Sunday. "And that is happening now in Honduras, a country that has only a small Jewish minority."

Listen... anyone who supports the likes of Zelaya, fully aware of his insane Judeophobia and conspiracy theorism, supports, as a consequence, Jew-hatred, as well as neo-communist despotism.

I again call on the Canadian Government to withdraw its support of Manuel Zelaya and support, instead, the legitimate government of Honduras.