Monday, August 10, 2009

Addressing The Ridicule-Mongers

Joseph Farrah discusses the infantile tactic of merely ridiculing and namecalling anyone who says they want to see Obama's real birth certificate to be satisfied that he was born in America and is therefore legally the President (Obama never really proved to anyone at all that he was born in America; the contention that, "of course- don't be ridiculous; he was, and everyone knows that" is plainly untrue).

That's what you have witnessed over the last several weeks as anyone who "steps out of line" on the issue of Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility gets caricatured and derided as a buffoon or worse – a racist.

It was Saul Alinsky's fifth rule of power tactics. He wrote the book, "Rules for Radicals," and it is a playbook for the Obama administration, the Democratic Congress and their operatives, of which there are many, in the "state-run media," as Rush Limbaugh so accurately dubbed it.

If you can't articulate a coherent response to people calling for the release of something as innocuous as a presidential birth certificate, kill the messenger. Proclaim him or her a fool, a conspiracy theorist, a tinfoil-hat-wearing lunatic.

The campaign has been effective at reining in potential dissidents within the media establishment. Only a few have dared break with conventional ethos – Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Michael Savage. The Bill O'Reillys and Glenn Becks of the media world find excuses to be accepted by the "mainstream."

Some of us, beyond the Far Left and some brainfarting, surprisingly-suddenly-pussyish conservative intellectuals, have seen through the infantile, and rapidly-losing-effectiveness, tactic.

Really, there's nothing weird or crazy about simply saying,

"...and, Mr. Obama, your original birth certificate, please... we need to see it as proof that you satisfy the Constitutional Eligibility Requirement for the Presidency that you were actually born in America. Do you have it? May we see it? Thank you. Hmm.... Ah, no, very sorry, sir, but I'm afraid that's not the real birth certificate; it's only a recently-printed copy of a condensed certification version of the real, complete, valid document and isn't valid, legal evidence of country of birth. We need the original, long-form certificate. Do you have that? May we see it? Why not? Well, then, very sorry sir, but I'm afraid you can't be President unless you produce the document specified. Next!"

You may have noticed that I mock the mockers by copying their mocking tactics and using them against them. If such tactics are really going to work, well, they ought to automatically work when I use them. For example, when I use them against the fringe-elementist, loony, cranky, crazy Climate-Changers...