Thursday, May 14, 2009

Liberal Mark Holland Wants Border Guards Unarmed
Liberal MP and notorious, pathetic, stupid-as-rocks attack clown Mark Holland

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Arming Canada's border guards will cost taxpayers about $1 billion and is likely to endanger the lives of innocent people, Liberal public safety critic Mark Holland says.

You can tell that he's not thinking straight, if he's even thinking at all!

Only a billion bucks? Well, the racist Big Lie, the Kelowna Accord the Liberals are so gung-ho to make us shell out for, would cost five billion! On top of all the billions the Liberals would force us to cough up to support all their radical ideological bullshit. Like the CBC, for one...

Likely to endanger the lives of innocents?

Well, then, let's take guns away from the police. Disarm the police and turn them into polite Canucks in uniform who say, "Oh, I daresay! Please don't do that, sir! It's not nice! Please don't! Pretty please with sugar on it and thank you..."



"When you take a look at the fact that there hasn't been any instance that has been documented where a gun would have been helpful to a border agent, it seems that throwing guns into the mix could create some serious problems," Holland said.

This guy is either ignorant about Canadian history, or he pretends it's not real, because the truth is inconvenient to his anencephalically pacifist agenda.

In fact, indeed, there HAVE been incidents in which guns in the possession of border agents would have definitely helped. Remember this?

BLAINE, Wash. — Four Canadian border crossings were shut down Sunday as about 60 of Canada's unarmed border guards walked off the job after they were warned that a person classified as "armed and dangerous" may be headed into Canada.

The walkouts — permitted when the guards perceive threats to their personal safety — began mid-afternoon and stalled northbound border traffic for hours.

Canada's national CTV News said the walkout was triggered by a report from Homeland Security officials in the U.S. who told the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that a suspected killer from California, considered armed and dangerous, might try to enter Canada.

They ran away. Therefore the armed baddie could come into Canada, no problem.

See, they needed guns. To stop the armed baddie from entering and possibly shooting innocent Canadians.

See, Mark... not arming the guards would actually endanger innocents. Arming the guards will protect them. Understand? No? Oh, why you little... *sigh*... We pay this guy six figures per annum and get in return... this?

See, there is an instance. Mark Holland apparently either doesn't know what he's talking about, or is lying for political convenience.

And who can forget the time the border agents apprehended Ahmed "The Millennium Bomber" Ressam as he attempted to cross the border en route to LAX to make 'er go "kaboom"? What if Ressam had been armed? Would he have been able to kill the border guards and continue to his destination and actually succeed to commit a massively deadly terrorist attack in America? What does Mark Holland think of this? Is he going to say that it can't happen, therefore forget about arming our guards? Oh.... as if he even cares!

Imbecile. Picture to accompany definition- see picture at top of post.

He's a perfect match for Ignatieff. Just as is Warren Kinsella.